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    At Corporate Car Service of Virginia (CCSV), we still believe that quality customer service should be our number one priority. While many other companies claim to provide excellent customer service, much of the time, you get the feeling that the company you hire feels they are doing you a favor by taking your hard earned money for giving you a ride. Customer service is much more that! It is knowing that all our customers have different requirements and needs. For some it is offering a quiet environment so that they can get some work done while in transit to the airport to go on a business trip. Others require a knowledge of where they are going and what to expect when they get there. Some even want to carry on a casual conversation as to pass the travel time. It is the job of an experienced chauffer to know what the needs of any one client are. At CCSV, we will treat every customer with courtesy , and respect. We certainly are aware how difficult it can be to please every individual all the time, but our promise to you is we will attempt to do just that! Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every day. That is our promise to you; our most valued clients!

    A service oriented attitude is sought in all chauffeurs, with special emphasis on their personality, knowledge, driving skills and appearance. Chauffeurs are thoroughly screened and trained in both driving and the expectations of a chauffeur. All of our chauffeurs strive towards being experts in their profession. They know how to put their clients first, and you can rely on their integrity.

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